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Социальные сети Игры Настольные Викторины
Разработчик Oliver Hengstenberg

Here comes the first iPad App of its kind:
"Social Web Search Realtime Zeitgeist Multiplayer Trivia Board Game"

Sit together and get startet. A selection of live Twitter Tweets will show up. Now get ready. Pictures start appearing. Somehow they all refer to one Tweet. Find out fastest and you win.
Cant find the right Tweet? Just skip to the next round.

Its multiplayer for up to 6 people on one device!

Its connected to the twitter live stream!

Its picture enhanced with Yahoo! pictures!

Itss a completely new way of web interaction via a game!

Its a direct interaction with the realtime social Zeitgeist!


Its plain big endless fun!

TwittGuess? is making automatic image search requests to Yahoo for you building search queries from life Twitter Tweet content. Your search results will be displayed, and you can follow the source of your searches. TwittGuess? is not affiliated with Twitter or Yahoo!. TwittGuess? is not responsible for or affiliated with the content delivered by the services Twitter and Yahoo! provide.

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